Aromatherapy Jet Lag Oil



Geranium oil is uplifting and energizing. Grapefruit oil reduces stress and fatigue, stimulate circulation, increase energy and enhance mood. With the power of Aromatherapy you can prevent jet lag and be at your active best across globe. A wonder blend of essential oils which helps fight the aforesaid symptoms of jet lag and restores the disrupted harmony of your system. It acts as an excellent nerve tonic, and helps redress any imbalances in the central nervous system. It will help you fight the flight fatigue. *Results may vary from person to person.


PRE-FLIGHT- Rub / massage on the whole body with the blend. IN-FLIGHT -use as a foot or knee rub. AFTER-FLIGHT- massage on the whole body / as a body rub / foot rub. Shake well before use. Discontinue use in case of known allergy or irritation.

VOLUME: 100 ml.

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