Aromatherapy Frigidity Oil



The essential oil blend arouses sexual desire, stimulate thought patterns, lighten moods, balance hormones, calm nerves. It acts on the limbic brain creating an emotional response, seduction and sedation without any negative side effect. Jasmine improves self-esteem and worth. For frigid women, who often carry a negative self image, a nurturing massage with this oil blend relieves anxiety and increase self-esteem that can go a long way towards helping such women appreciate and enjoy their femininity. *Results may vary from person to person.


Massage on the body or as body rub paying paying particular attention to the lower back, abdominal area and upper thighs AVOIDING genitals before sleeping. Use daily for 10 days then as required. Shake well before use. Discontinue use in case of known allergy or irritation.

VOLUME: 100 ml.

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