Aromatherapy Anti Hairfall Oil



This unique oil prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth as it has oils like rosemary ,cypress etc which increase circulation to hair follicles and capillary strength. Rosemary Oil is one of the premier hair growth enhancing essential oils,. It is successfully used in alopecia (hair-loss) treatment. Regular use of oil helps in stimulating follicles as a result of which hair grows longer and stronger. The blend of essential oil will prevent hair from falling out, strengthen and make the hair thick. *Results may vary from person to person.


Apply it at night. Rub into the scalp lightly not too hard. In the morning use a light shampoo. For the best results use for at least four months. Use daily or as required. Shake well before use. Discontinue use in case of known allergy or irritation.

VOLUME: 100 ml.

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